How To Sharpen Chainsaw Chain With Electric Sharpener

Sharpening the Chain on Your Chainsaw With a little chainsaw maintenance you can ensure the best performance from your equipment. Its the outer edge of vertical part of the teeth.

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This is my how to video on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.

How to sharpen chainsaw chain with electric sharpener. This will ensure it fits the gap between the chainsaws teeth. Its a great way to make a little extra money. Check for the tooth that is most worn out filed down and of a shorter length.

Once you have listed down the exact pitch and gauge of the blade the next step is to position your electric sharpener. Follow below these steps when sharpening a chain saw chain. Our Technical Applications Specialist Philip Needham shows us how to sharpen your chains the right way on STIHL chainsawsWatch this How To guide and vis.

With the specifications you acquired from step 1 you can then choose a sharpening stone with the right width. This angle makes a small back slop in the side plate and it helps the chain feed. Learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with Glenn Oregons Sr.

Chinese replacement carbs are both cheap and effe. Ensure the chain is tightly tensioned. Outside side plate angle.

Youd want to place the electric sharpener in a location where it wont shake or move easily once you start sharpening the chainsaw blade. In cutting this outside side plate plays the vital role and it should be 90 and not less than 85. If your saw has less horse power you.

After preparing the chainsaw sharpener you need to install the sharpening stone. Chainsaw sharpening and chainsaw filing is very important as a dull. In the electric chainsaw sharpener this angle can be adjusted by loosening a knob in the blade holder.

Your chainsaw should now be sharpened evenly and ready to use. Keeping your chain in good condition and sharpened pr. Most user says 30 sharp fast even also dull fast.

This knob can be moved in the negative or positive direction and the angle can be set accordingly. How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain. Get all the needed tools assembled and arranged in one place.

Cut them at 30 degrees 60 on the tilt now anything from 25-35 will work the closer you get to 35 the more aggressive it will be. Clean the chain with a brush or dry cloth. The STIHL How To Series provides you with some simple tips for sharpening the chain on your chain saw.

This video shows how to use STIHL files and guides to keep your chain sharp and check that the depth gauge is set correctly. Step 6 – Adjusting the Depth. Loosen the chain and release the chainsaw.

Again go to the specification obtained from step 1 and see what is the given blade tooth angle. Since saw chains have cutters that alternate orientation along the chain one right one left the next right etc you need to use a chainsaw sharpener on all cutters on one side then swivel the chain holder and tackle those pointing the other way. Inspect the chain tooth.

Loosen the clamp or vise holding the chainsaw in place and take the chainsaw out. For anyone looking on a little do it yourself videos this should help you out. Use the adjustment screws to loosen the chain of your chainsaw back to a usable tension.

I used the timber tuff electric sharpener. Httpamznto2dKKR24 Electric chainsaw sharpenerhttpamznto2eCAG01 8 Piece sharpener setSee Below.

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