Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Steel wet film combs are wire eroded to provide an accuracy of 25µm 001mil and are supplied with either Metric or Imperial wet film thickness measurements. The Elcometer 3230 Wet Film Wheel is a high precision accurate and easy to use instrument which measures the wet film thickness of coatingsA wet film wheel.

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To measure the amount of oil in our cars we use a dipstick.

Wet film thickness gauge. Qualtech Products Industry Wet Film Thickness Gauge is a precision engineered Wet Film Comb to accurately measure the Wet Film Coating Thickness applied onto a substrate. The wet film thickness of coatings including paints resins lacquers varnishes and. A coating is applied onto a surface to either cover the surface completely or partially.

Electronic 6 Ferrous Non-Ferrous 5 Mechanical 4 Standard Electronic 1 Base Material. Wet film comb thickness gauge Elcometer 3238 wet film stainless steel Measuring range. Wet film thickness can be measured in a variety of ways.

The Wet Film Comb. First determine what is the thickness that should be applied for best results and performance you can find. 299144 Thambu Chetty Street 1st Floor PB 1558 Chennai Tamil Nadu India.

5 µm – 1200 µm. This is how to measure wet film thickness using a wet film thickness gauge also known as a wet film combWet film combs measure wet film thickness and are. The high- grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements.

Coating Thickness Gauge1000 Micrometer 1 Coating Thickness Tester 2 Coating Thickness Tester with Bluetooth 1 Type. The scales exist in a variety of measurements from 0 to 25µm 0 to 3000µm 0 to 1mil 0 to 40mils. MEHTA DOSHI CO.

A scale placed along this edge indicates the thickness. Wet Film Thickness Gauge Type WGI TGC Neth 750 starts from Get Latest Price HexagonalOctagonal precision measuring comb made of heavy stainless steel. Double-Sided Thickness Gauge 50-750um Range Wet Film Comb With Cloth Bag High Accuracy Rectangular for measuring the thickness of paint wet film coatings Wet Film Thickness Gauge Comb CM-8000 High Precision Aluminum Alloy 25-3000 μm 1-118.

The gauge has a series of notches cut into its sides like the teeth on a comb. The object and surface a Coating is applied onto is usually called Substrate. Wet Film Thickness Gauges or wet paint thickness gauges are simple inexpensive easy to use tools that measure the coating thickness of paints enamels lacquers adhesives many other wet coatings that are sprayed dipped or brushed on a smooth surface.

Clean gauge in any suitable. Wet Film Thickness GaugesGet latest price. Wet Film Thickness Gauge is designed to properly test the amount of MIL thickness or Micron thickness of a coating being applied to a flat surface.

Wet Film Thickness Gauges are designed to measure the thickness of coatings immediately after they have been applied to a substrate. 19 rows The wet film thickness lies between these two readings. A premium quality Wet Film Thickness Gauges which are made keeping in view the various needs of the clients under the supervision.

Using an adaptation of this simple technique the coatings industry use combs and wheels to accurately measure the wet film thickness. Wet Film thickness gauge wheel By rolling the wheel on the wet freshly coated surface we apply the wet coating to the extremities of the disk.

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